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Pimms Tricycle

‘Poppy’ is one of the UK’s designated ‘Pimms Tricycles serving only genuine Pimms kept chilled to perfection from her freezer. Our unique Pimms platform is complemented by the gazebo and parasol and ‘Poppy’ is suitably dressed for the occasion. Ideally suited to corporate events, post ceremony wedding drinks or private garden parties, we can provide this service either independently or in addition to our professional ice cream services.

The Pimms Tricycle, when the desire to become creative for that all important gathering, the opportunity of having the Pimms Tricycle and cart will prove to be a most welcomed focal point.

Not exclusively for the Summer, a delightful and tastefully decorated Pashley tricycle trimmed with embellishments depicting that true theme of past time eccentricity and quirky nostalgia with a difference can be available. Our friendly staff suitably dressed in Pimms themed attire can tend to the needs of all, whether indoors or outside making any event with a marquee a most suitable accompaniment.

Regardless of the Summer temperatures, we can ensure a consistent supply of ice cold Pimms to keep you and your guests refreshed; however, during the months of darker days and longer nights, our Pimms Winter alternative will be just as welcoming, warmed and served when you most need it.

Take a look at our Ice Cream Tricycle or other fleet vehicles, our very own “Little Esther”, we had to get something special, unusual and something one would simply fall in love with; so found sitting alone and idle in a barn in the Southern region of France our ‘Little Esther’ as we affectionately call her, was purchased. Having undergone an extensive restoration programme over two years, she was fitted with a freezer using the same silent operation, odourless and self sufficient systems which we use on our tricycles and she was refitted to a modern rustic, but practical interior to comply with the strict standards required.

She really is something special and your guests will fall in love with her looks, her personality and her rustic charm she is perfect for any outside venue. If you do see ‘Little Esther’ tootling around the roads and lanes of Kent or Sussex, do give us a beep and a wave and you never know, ‘Little Esther’ may play you a few notes of her chimes in return.

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