Terms and Conditions

Contract Terms and Conditions

The parties to this agreement are 1. Treats on a Tricycle (“TOAT”)2. (“The Client”) As detailed DefinitionsThe expressions “Trike or tricycle” means the Pashley Vending tricycle (Classic 33 model) described as a 1930’s style hand-built Pashley Tricycle as shown on our website, www.treatsonatricycle.co.uk and that as indicated on the ‘Style Requested’ section of the above booking form or a tricycle of an equivalent specification or as near as is possible. ‘#LittleEsther’ means our Renault Estafette, 1960s style ice cream van, also referred to as a ‘Vintage ice cream van’ or ‘Traditional ice cream van’.The expression “We, Us and Our” refers to the business known as “Treats on a Tricycle” or its representatives. The expression ‘Basic Charge’ refers to A time of up to two hours serving time within a 30-mile radius of our registered office unless it is agreed between us and the client to extend the distance as indicated in the ’Additional Charges’ section of the booking form whereby the client will agree to pay the ‘Excess Mileage’ charge both to and from the radius boundary. The service of one or two of our staff in corporate blazer and boater hat in respect of the ice cream tricycles unless it has been specified and agreed beforehand anything different. In these circumstances, TOAT will not be responsible for the cost of alternative attire and this will become the responsibility of the client. A neutral theme of white & creams in terms of Wedding hire decorations and trimmings to the Tricycle Time and mileage is based from our Rainham, Kent base to the pre-arranged venue and allows for a reasonable time and mileage given the details as provided by the client at the time of booking. Treats On A Tricycle ObligationsTreats On A Tricycle agrees to supply their Vending Tricycles or on occasion act as agent in obtaining a Tricycle not available from our own fleet (we only use hand-built ‘Pashley’ tricycles) and provide such tricycles for the purpose of providing the pre-agreed service. The tricycle supplied shall be fit for purpose and in a good presentable condition, operated by trained staff. In the event of mechanical failure of ‘Little Esther’ we may and without notice substitute the vintage ice cream van for an ice cream tricycle as a contingency. The supply shall remain available for the period shown above and the mileage as calculated above.TOAT reserve the right to provide an alternate tricycle from its own available or other if the tricycle requested or ‘Little Esther’ is unavailable due to breakdown, accident, illness or any other reason.

Payment The Client shall pay Treats On A Tricycle for the service provided by us at the rate as stated in the booking form assigned by TOAT and The Client. A £100 non-refundable pre-payment is payable at the time of booking with the outstanding balance to be paid and funds cleared no later than 14 days prior to the event date. Should the Customer cancel the booking for any reason they will be subject to the following charges based on the total price. All deposits are non-refundableWithin 12 weeks of the event date:50% of the total agreed rate Within 8 weeks of the event date:75% of the total agreed rate Within 6 weeks of the event date: The total agreed rate All cancellations must be in writing, received by email, acknowledged by us, and be received by us within two weeks of the date on which the outstanding balance is due. ‘Treats On A Tricycle’reserves the right to charge for toll road charges incurred both to and from the venue which is not included in any of our packages which will be indicated on the booking form as signed by ‘The Client’ and ‘Us’. Clients will be advised in writing of such additions and additional charges imposed in these circumstances. Use of Tricycle provision: The Tricycle / Ice Cream Vanshall be located at the place agreed between the client and TOAT during the Contract Period for the service of the client and his/her guests and nominees only and will not be subject to any third party arrangement by the client involving other locations or additional guests/servings outside this agreement made on this date. Unless you notify us otherwise, we may use photographs and images taken on the day on our website or to promote our services. The services rendered will cease upon completion of the pre-arranged serving times as agreed and will allow Treats On A Tricycle uninterrupted departure upon completion of the service contained within the agreement. The Customer shall not require nor request an extension of this term, or an increase in servings unless this has been ratified at least fourteen days prior to the event date and that payment in full for the additional provision/s has been made. Limitations of Treats On A Tricycle liability All tricycles are prepared and cleaned before a wedding or event but Treats On A Tricycle does not accept any liability for clothing becoming marked or stained by oil/grease, dirt, dust either from our equipment or from any product served or used. Every effort is made for our transportation vehicles and our tricycles to be supplied in full working order but Treats On A Tricycle cannot accept any responsibility for breakdown, traffic problems, road closures or any other unforeseeable factor, which may cause a delay. Treats On A Tricycle’s liability in respect of any failure to provide any services under this agreement shall be limited to the amount of the hire charge payable to Treats On A Tricycle in respect of the period of such failure. Treats On A Tricycle shall not be liable for any pecuniary or consequential loss allegedly arising from any breach of this agreement with Treats On A Tricycle. This document is to be read in conjunction with our Event booking contract and the signed agreement as set out, as the conditions are binding in every respect.