‘Bertie’ started life in Stratford-upon-Avon just like our bikes ‘Lotties and ‘Stanley’. Also hand built by Pashley, Bertie spent his early life on the streets of Yorkshire. Bertie did not have it easy; but he was a hard worker and if he wasn’t out getting pulled, he would would go out to see what he could pick up……… No , Bertie was not a Gigolo!!! He spent his days been pulled behind a bike collecting cycles for a bike hire business before being put into storage. Here he stayed gathering dust until his previous owner decided to move him into retirement. When he arrived he looked slightly worn, and was nothing more than a high quality frame and a pair of wheels but we soon realised that this old boy was not ready to retire just yet; so with ‘Treats on a Tricycle’, Bertie was also given a new lease of life….expertly hand crafted by Steve, Bertie will be featured here over the next few days.Bertie under construction - Kent candy bike