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‘Little Esther’

Our rare & unique vintage ice cream van joined Treats On A Tricycle back in 2008 having spent many years laid up in a barn in the South of France. With the rear doors open, she stood merely to provide a sleeping area for some goats within the barn before being discovered and brought to England where after some fettling, she was brought back to life.
Manufactured in 1979, ‘Little Esther’ as we have affectionately named her is a Renault Estafette R2137 and is driven by 1289cc Petrol engine. These vans were first produced in 1959  with post war restrictions still in force, were designed to be both cost-effective to build and cheap to run too.
Once she was home she was sent to a motoring enthusiast who lovingly undertook the bodywork restoration and respray to what we see today. The interior was designed to provide a ‘rustic and cosy’ look rather than  the ‘cluttered look’, that of a typical ice cream van. After all she is not a typical ice cream van and we wanted to reflect this wherever we could.
Her chimes tinkle away to ‘You Are My Sunshine’ as she tootles along to find here serving spot where surprised wedding guests are absolutely marvelled by her arrival. Within a few moments of positioning we are ready to serve your guests with the same real dairy farm ice cream which we use with our ice cream tricycles. Modern day technology means that unlike most; we do not need to have our engine running so there are no diesel fumes and no noise emitted. We do not require any mains electricity either so wires to trip on and no noisy generator either.
And because she is just 3meters in length and 6 ft wide she can access many places which other vehicles cannot making her a viable option to add something very special and different to any special occasion.

Food & Drink Available

We offer a  wide variety of food and drink from our tricycles and all can be tailored to your specific needs.

Ice Cream

Our premium ice cream is made on the farm in Dorset with milk from the locally pastured cows. The lush and nutrient rich grass is fundamental to creating premium quality ice cream and as they are all GLUTEN FREE, EGG FREE and contain NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS and NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS either.
The ice cream and sorbets are made on the farm in ‘NUT FREE PREMISES‘ and we are one of the few who cater for ALL DIETARY NEEDS.
We have a huge selection of smooth and creamy flavours ranging from the traditional favourites such as Raspberry Ripple, Rum & Raisin and Mint & Choc Chip and then flavours such as Champagne & Strawberry will have pieces of real strawberry, The Cherry will contain real cherries and the chocolate actually contains pieces of Belgium chocolate, whereas the Vanilla you can see the crushed vanilla pod. We have added some new flavours including Chocolate & Salted Caramel Ripple and Banoffee Ripple which are a modern twist of the traditional and much loved Raspberry Ripple. We have over 20 ice cream and sorbet flavour options and you will be asked to select SIX flavours which we will serve to your guests on the day. We do assert that at least one MUST be either a sorbet or vegan ice cream so that we can cater for all dietary needs.


Just like the ice cream, all the sorbets are made on the farm in ‘Nut Free Premises’ and are suitable for Vegans and those with a diary free dietary need.
 Again using just natural flavours and colours the texture of the sorbet is smooth and rich and bursting with flavour. Very often as a dairy free consumer, one will normally have a very limited choice. We are empathetic of the fact that everyone should be included regardless of their dietary or religious needs and therefore having such an array of flavours including; Stem Ginger, Mango, Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Raspberry, Coconut, Lemon and Blood orange. New for 2024 we have the Cherry grape & hibiscus sorbet which is absolutely gorgeous. The ‘Vegan Ice Cream’ again, is ‘Dairy Free’ and made with coconut milk and boasting all the virtues having been made on the farm. The quality and texture of the Vanilla is surprisingly smooth and even for a ‘non vegan consumer’ we have had some very positive comments on both the taste and texture of this. The Chocolate & Raspberry Vegan Ice Cream having a more delicate consistency, the taste of raspberry is prominent but not over powering the chocolate; both flavours complimenting each other in their proportions.
You will be asked to select SIX flavours for us to serve to your guests and can be any number of sorbets, ice cream or vegan ice cream derivatives but we do assert that at least ONE of these MUST either be a sorbet or a Vegan Ice Cream.

Alchoholic Sorbets


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