Hempstead valleyWednesday – I was going to update you about Tuesday but I feel compelled t0 share with you a short story which I was genuinely touched by. Our ‘Pashley’ tricycle which I have named ‘Lottie’  attracts attention wherever she goes and this week has been no exception. The lovely couple pictured had a good old chat with us today and ‘Mr Smith’ was so thrilled to see the ice cream bike. I was so touched how he told me and my husband that he had not seen an ice cream bike since the age of 8, and all that time ago (I wont reveal his age but to put things into perspective, over 75 years has passed since he last saw one!!) . Yes, over seventy five years since this kindly gent last saw one and in his own words “good god I never expected to ever see one again”. He continued his tales and was very much deep in thought whilst doing so, clearly emotions stirred and fond memories rekindled; before revealing that at 8 years of age he could never have afforded to buy an ice cream and could only ever have the ice. Well, I felt so honoured not only to his hear his story and touched  that ‘Lottie’ had made him so happy. I was so compelled to ensure that his his latest memory had a happy ending. Finally after all these years ‘Mr Smith’ finally got an real ice cream from the ice cream bike, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Having heard his story, I felt it wrong for him to pay, I refused his payment,  yet felt so good inside that I had made him so happy.