See the advert for Tech21 advertisment for iPhone7 protective Evo wallet case featuring ‘Lottie’ the ice cream bike.




As 2016 has finally drawn to a close, our final wedding attendance was that of  Kelly & Steve on the 30th December. Congratulations to you both. “What !!!, Ice cream in Winter” I hear you say!!!  But everyone loves an ice cream no matter the weather, We were indoors, the log fire burning and a cool refreshing ice cream was hugely appreciated by the wedding guests.

2016 has been filled with lots of adventures and happiness for both us and our clients. Weddings, same sex ceremonies, retirement functions and garden parties, corporate events and advertising/filming have all been part of the past 12 months and each and everyone has been an absolute pleasure. We have received so many emails, cards and compliments from our happy couples and clients which reassures us that as we always strive to be the best, our efforts do get noticed.

My husband Cliff who does help me out from time to time, well I have had to rein him in a few times. The best one has to be at the Museum of Rural Life, Maidstone when having struggled carrying all the accessories up the very steep hill, Cliff had the cheek of hitching a ride on the back of a tractor with the ice cream bike in the trailer!! The weather has provided such a variance in conditions, but this has never deterred us. Rain, wind or shine and temperatures exceeding 28 degrees have often brought its challenges but we have always delivered our services without disappointment.

Looking ahead we have our first wedding fair of 2017 at the East Quay Venue, Whitstable on 26th February. This is more of a wedding open day and truly reflects the ambience of both the building and the location. Where else can you get married overlooking the sea, be directly on the beach and have everything you need in one place?

We are hoping to participate in a photo-shoot during the Springtime but in the meantime will continue to use some of the photographs collated over the years on our website, many of which we have been sent by some of Kent & Surreys finest and most professional wedding & event photographers.


Here we are on the 1st January 2017, and already have received another enquiry for 2018

And finally, a Happy and prosperous 2017 to you all.