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Hardly an ice cream tricycle. but we do know that some clients simply want an ice cream van, so we had to get one!

But in our tradition of vintage ice cream, we had to get something special, unusual and something one would simply fall in love with; so found sitting alone and idle in a barn in the Southern region of France our ‘Little Esther’ as we affectionately call her, was purchased. Having undergone an extensive restoration programme over two years, she was fitted with a freezer using the same silent operation, odourless and self sufficient systems which we use on our tricycles and she was refitted to a modern rustic, but practical interior to comply with the strict standards required.

She really is something special and your guests will fall in love with her looks, her personality and her rustic charm and she is perfect for any outside venue. If you do see ‘Little Esther’ tootling around the roads and lanes of Kent or Sussex, do give us a beep and a wave and you never know, ‘Little Esther’ may play you a few notes of her chimes in return.

But again, she will only be serving our superior quality, real dairy ice cream as we use with all our tricycles, we will not substitute this or compromise our service to our clients.

Our trained staff dressed in our corporate attire complete with boater hat will be on hand to attend to the needs of your guests and serve what we have found personally to be the finest Kent made dairy ice cream. Made on the award winning farm by Willetts Dairy Farm near Tunbridge Wells, NO artificial flavours or colourings are used. All their ice creams are gluten free which ensures even more of your guests can enjoy the day without feeling left out. We also serve a range of high quality sorbets also from Willetts which are suitable for any guests or clients who may have a lactose intolerance.

With NO ARTIFICIAL flavours or colourings used, this really is a superior quality ice cream. Due to the variety of flavours produced, including honey & nut, it should be assumed that the presence of nuts exists on their premises as the same machinery is used to produce all flavours. It is the personal responsibility of any persons with a lactose intolerance or any other allergy to avoid products likely to have an affect on their wellbeing .

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Vintage Ice Cream Van in Kent
Vintage Ice Cream Van in Kent

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