Diddly Scrumptious

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Diddly Scrumptious

All of our Ice Cream products and the Vegan Ice Creams along with our Sorbets are made on the Dairy Farm

Our Danbury teardrop caravan is probably one of the most iconic ice cream services around. Purchased in 2005 by the legendary musician Pete Townshend the teardrop was passed to his sister for her grandchildren. Laying unused and with the early onset of rot, the dusky pink paintwork was stripped back to the wood and underwent restoration. Determined to keep her ‘Going Mobile’, she was repainted with the colours of ‘Little Esther’. This little gem has been ‘Reborn’ and will ‘keep on working’ as she continues to provide her services and proudly takes her place within the fleet of ‘Treats On A Tricycle’. ‘My Generation’ or yours, she will be admired and truly appreciated by all.

Any requirements over 200 Servings please use the Contact Us page or alternatively telephone 07776 255108 or 07733 444887.

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