Allergen & Dietary Information

We will endeavour to meet the dietary requirements plus Allergen & Dietary Information of each and every one of your guest’s or client’s needs and therefore will offer your guests their preferred serving option; either a crisp generous sized waffle cone or a bio degradable tub with a wooden spoon.

All ice cream and sorbets are made on the farm in ‘Nut Free Premises’.

Vegan or lactose free dietary needs?

In addition to our real dairy farm ice cream, we also have a selection of both mouth watering sorbets, and ice cream alternatives made with coconut milk.


The ice cream and sorbets are made on the farm in Dorset and the ingredients used are sourced as close to the farm as possible. Using milk from the cows grazing the farm’s own pastures a balance of 60% Milk and 22% Dorset Cream is used along with British Sugar, Skimmed Milk Powder and an abundance of all natural ingredients, natural flavours and boast the following qualities:
NO Egg – NO Artificial Additives – NO Artificial Colourings – NO NUTS and GLUTEN FREE
Specific Allergens as per product served (in Bold)
Waffle Cones: Wheat – Oats – Gluten – Soya
Wafer Curls: Wheat, Milk, Soya
Ice Cream: Milk–Cream
Sorbet: Fruit
Alcoholic Cocktail Desserts: All contain fresh fruit. Some will contain Milk or Cream. Please speak with our staff for full information.